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East Coast Collection - 3 Tins For a Special Price

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Handcrafted, small batch, premium dry rub spice blends.

What represents the East Coast of the U.S of A better than Vermont, New York and Florida? You got your snowy white north, resplendent with Maple trees and forests, you got your bustling metropolis with some of the finest steakhouses in the world, and you've got incredible Latin tastes rippling up from the south. To celebrate this side of the country, we've collected them all into a taste sensation bound to please. 

New York Steak BBQ Barbeque Dry Rub

Otherwise known as the “New York City”, this brash, outspoken rub commands the flavors of your steak. A perfect rub for your New York Steak, the salt is subdued under sweet garlickiness, paprika, and cumin. It’s bold, it's self-assured, its knows where it’s going and it’s going to get there come hell or high water. Strong flavor, great with steak or ribs. Awesome on chicken wings too. 

Vermont Maple Garlic Pepper BBQ Barbeque Rub

A delectable maple sugar-based concoction. Definitely not for the diabetic, this rub starts with clear notes of maple and sugar, and transitions into the fullness of garlic and that snap of black pepper. Really nice with lighter meats like chicken or pork. Delicate & sweet, would be super awesome on salmon and other fish! 

Puebla Ancho Chile Rub

You're in luck! My buddy Pablo was able to get more dried Ancho Chile's for us! This a a delicious new rub featuring the ancho chile, which is from Puebla, where the decisive Battle of Puebla took place

We hand grind dried ancho chili direct from Mexican farms into a fine powder and blend it with other spices and a little sweetness to complement the heat. This a fantastic rub for anything and everything Mexican, but it also goes great with chicken, pork or steak and a Corona, Dos Equis, or Estrella Jalisco

Each tin is 2.5oz. Tin is great for gifting and refillable.

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