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We Be Moving...

Yo all - hey welcome to our new home over here on Shopify - I've been on Etsy for a while but I thought that this might be a good time to spread my wings and bit and try something new. Thanks for stopping by!

Now that I'm here, I've rolled out 3 (count 'em) completely new rubs - in honor of my trip to Greece last year (man - I LOVE swimming in the Med - too bad there's no surf though! Although I hear that you can catch some waves in Sardinia - I'll have to check that out next time I'm in the EU) I created a new light rub is is totally awesome on chicken and pork, and you can even use it on Greek Salad (new cheese love: FETA! The saltier the better )

And with the 2016 elections fast approaching I decided that it would be cool to honor a couple of the candidates with rubs of their own. Neither of these dudes have endorsed either of these rubs, but wouldn't it be cool if they did?

Feel The Bern

Otherwise known as “Burlington”, we honor the former Mayor of that city in Vermont by developing this delectable maple sugar based concoction. Definitely not for the diabetic, this rub starts with clear notes of maple and sugar, and transitions into the fullness of garlic and that snap of black pepper. Really nice with lighter meats like chicken or pork. Delicate & sweet, would be super awesome on salmon and other fish! We promise you will feel the Bern. Grab one here.


Otherwise known as the “New York City”, this brash, outspoken rub commands the flavors of your steak. A perfect rub for your New York Steak, the salt is subdued under sweet garlickyness, paprika and cumin. It’s bold, its self-assured, its knows where it’s going and it’s going to get there come hell or high water. Strong flavor, great with steak or ribs. Awesome on chicken wings too. Without the funny hair. Grab one here.

Presidential Rub Off!

If you can't decide (and seriously I don't really know who can't) then you can get my Presidential Rub-Off Two Pack - Bern Vs Trumped, and You Decide!) Grab the pack here.

(BTW, I'm working on a Hillary rub for those of you who support her - but I can't for the life of me figure out what to put in it - if you have any ideas, let me know in the comments below, or hit me up at

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