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Mother's Day is Coming Soon!

Since Mother's Day will be upon us before you know it, I put together a special package of rubs just for my mom - and I think your mom will love them too. It comes gift wrapped with a blank tag, so you can just write your note on it. Or I can get my girlfriend to write it our for you (I have terrible handwriting) and we can send it directly to her.

It comes with 3 tins:

 - Hill-Rod Chicago Steakhouse Rub - a great rub for steak or chicken
 - Gilroy Garlic Mustard Rub - really, really good on roasts and fish
 - Santorini Herb Rub - amazing for Greek salads, chicken

Here's the special deal: Normally 3 tins are $18, but just for your mom, you can get all three tins for $12. Not only are you getting a tin ($6 value) for free, we'll gift wrap it for you.

Get It Now

Offer expires May 1st (we wanted to make sure that the post office gets it there on time)

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